One of these days, I will take my pride and go. Leave for another destination. Away from it all. One of these days if you see me screaming and talking nonsense don’t ask yourself why. Because the answer is buried inside of me, deep inside of me. Don’t ask why you never listened, because you’ve always wanted to comment on my nightmares. As if you were mandated to do so.
I sat and thought about you, and us as an equation. You, I talked to. I came to realize that I was right. I never wanted to talk about my demons simply because nobody, let alone you, could understand the turmoil inside of me. Yet, I was the token one, your voucher to the other world, to the symbolic one. The one you stood by, didn’t we all? Luckily, I never was inebriated by your words, let alone by your promises. Your universe is not mine. One of these days, maybe other voices will rise to remind you of your ideals, as if by writing them you thought that they would become enshrined. One of these days, someone will remind you that your greatness could be your ticket to nothingness. But that day, those like me won’t be here to stand by your ideal. For the simple reason that you did everything to keep us away from it.