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Opening Ceremony Boise Center
Vidéo envoyée par Asma

Live every minute, every hour, every day. Do not rush, because those who do will never understand the meaning of our stay on earth. See, even the little insect has a purpose while some of us spread hatred and ignorance. Those who keep on destroying may enjoy their stay on earth, but let me tell you they will never be missed. The river flows and carries sediments, it erodes even stones, it waters and gives life. Do not try to stop the flow, let the waters transform you, let the mountains talk to you. Let the desert be part of you as it was part of your ancestors, let it speak to you. Do not get get terrorized by the rattle snake, it is more terrorized than you. Love the desert, feel it and let it be your home, your inspiration, your longing and your peace of mind. Thus spoke the man by the Boise River.