I am a citizen that firmly believes conflict of interest should be banned. I am a single mother with children that should have the same rights as any other child born out-of-wedlock. I am the woman who want to have access to safe treatment if I were to have an abortion. I am an entrepreneur who tries to succeed in a mafia world where anybody close to power can deprive me of an income. I am a worker who thrives to better wages. I am a father, a mother, a wife, a child of a prisoner of opinion. I am the young curious mind placed in a prison of uniformity. I am hoping to raise my head up high and say YES I AM MOROCCAN. I am the person you never talk to in the street. I am the young kid your lovely child rapes because my parents are so poor and ignorant that they rent my services to you and you’re so lacking morals that you employ me. I am the person you stop in the street and you ask money from even if I didn’t commit any infraction. I am the street kid because my government failed to protect me and I am the associations being a band-aid to your failure. I am the Black Moroccan some people didn’t want to help during the last flood in the south and I am the one baking you bread there. I am Amazigh in my majority and despite the recognition and even if my language is now official, some will do everything to diminish my status. My ancestors like many of us were from different religious confessions and yet some want to erase history. Some of ours ancestors were Jews and no they didn’t come from Andalusia, they were here before the Arabs came, and yet they want to erase History. I am the one who is gay or lesbian and yet they treat me as I were a sick mind and not a human. I am the one who does not believe in any God, but yet they want to stigmatize me with their hatred while they preach love. I am the one with the name of any king, prince or princess who would love to insult myself without being held of contempt because we share the same name. I am the sick who does not know anybody and feel lucky to have services from great doctors that you underestimate and if I get there on time they might save me. I am a student yearning to succeed but fed up with Islamic Thinking, I want more philosophy courses because it was wanted that I do not learn how to think nor how to have an opinion of my own, I am the young Arab and yet if I address you in Darija some of you feel snobbish enough to answer and take me for a subject. I am the student who wants to learn, but too bad my parents cannot afford sending me to private schools, and I am also the graduate who cannot get hold of any scholarship because the government, after embassies grant them, decides who are the laureates. I am the police person you pay peanuts and you still expect me to be incorruptible when I see you, my role model, get rich, I am the farmer fed up of paying high price for seeds fertilizers and pesticides and not having a choice to whom to sell to, I am the CITIZEN who cannot understand why some national companies have been sold to private ones that are not performing and are bleeding me. I want to choose my religion I do not need you to tell me which God to pray.
Despite all my grievances, I LOVE YOU because you are my MOTHERLAND, but I do yearn to be ME and I want to be free, free to talk, free to act as a real CITIZEN, free to join in the building of this nation that is OURS. I’ve waited centuries, each time an excuse was given to me. Not anymore, we are not made from one mould, but many. We want justice, respect and dignity and have been asking since the Independence of our country.