Do I think about you? All the time. Do I look for you? Not one day passes without searching for you and you are everywhere. Do I talk about you? At least once a day. How are they doing? They miss you so much it hurts. Remember, we used to listen to one of my favorite bands(1).

Woke up on a good day
and the world was wonderful
a midnight summer dream had me in its spell
I dreamt about an old man
sat and watch the rain all night
he couldn’t sleep a wink as all the drops fell
he told me of all the beauty
hidden in our foreheads
he told me of the ugliness
we show instead(2)

Then you would ask me to play the first part again and we would look at the trees, the sky and smile. Sometimes, when we couln’t sleep, we would go out and count the stars, you would tell me about your favorite ones and about your friends who took the ship through the night.

After midnight we’ll sit up half the night
or maybe more
and I’ll begin to tell you what it’s all for(3)

Life is a bliss you used to say, no matter how harsh it can be. Every day is a new chance. You never did question what I did, you only asked how I came to those decisions.

Many roads to travel down and there are
many surprises to find
but as luck will have it you can stumble
in the valley of the blind(4)

You used to tell me that our social life was like mirrors reflecting many shapes and the beautiful ones were not always the most accurate ones.

friends will always tell you fate will rear
its ugly head to frighten you
but the hands of time hold something and
he’s offering it all to you (5)

You used to tell that loved ones will always be with us and when asked how the next century will be you would say with your unique smile: Be patient, you will see.

Like lovers of the past
They swim and surface in our memories
Those questions never asked
I’ll save them all for the next century (6)

When I demanded so much of you, you would answer me listen to my silence it tells you a lot, learn to listen my child. So I learned. And lately, I only talk you in silence

Tell us what’s over the horizon
Is it worth the chance
To stick around for more suprising?
Never say goodbye For we’ll all be with you someday
Fond adieux but never say goodbye (7)

I know you will always be beside me. Zach is listening to Stairway to Heaven, what do you think if I sat with him and told him about our lovely silent moments. Ti amo à l’infini.
Ciao Bello!

1 The Stranglers (Feline)
2& 3 Midnight Summer Dream
4 & 5 It’s A Small World
6 & 7 Never Say Goodbye
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