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Instead of enjoying a quite mondane evening, had to leave the supper to take my son to his first punk concert. Of, course, I was worried because this was not happening on school ground, but in another village. 11pm, had to drive back to get Sonny. Music was good, singer also. Kids inside were having fun. Then, they started slamming. 11.18pm had to, gently, crash the party and say to Sonny, time to go to bed, school tomorrow. While in the car, we started talking about life. I apologized for talking to him while he was slamming, told him I was worried somebody might get hurt. He answered, don’t worry mom, you didn’t embarrass me, in fact I am happy, you let me go to the concert.

I thought of Rocking the Casbah the punk way, but here is a piece of one of my distant cousins from Marrakesh. I present to you Said Chraibi the oud (luth) master. This one is for Rachid to remember the old times, to Zohra, Samir and Jamalos..

OUD : Said Chraibi & Adel Shams El Din 1/2
Video sent by shams67