Last time, Havana was under a crying sky. I kept walking and walking trying to remember the name of the street and all I could think of is your name. So instead of looking for you I kept spelling your name like a prayer. I’ve finally found the courage to ask about you. Belkis told me you work in Vedado, that you still wrote poetry and that you’ve managed to sell more than 20 paintings. 
I kept on smiling and Belkis on talking about you. 

– You should see him, he is as handsome as the first time you’ve met him. He still has a picture of you, you know. Loca, how could you have let him go?
I didn’t say much, but was glad to have some news from you. How long had it been exactly, how long? I forgot to count the years. I never had the courage to write more than twice a year. You’ve always told me that I gave the impression of being indifferent. I remember when you called the first time and told me:
-I need to know.
-Know what?
-Was I a one-night stand?
-I don’t think so, were you?
-Here you again! You never involve yourself, do you?

-Well, I didn’t want to bother you, so I thought I would call you later.
-Later? It has been a week, a week!

I wanted to laugh, but I couldn’t, I wanted to tell you that I was really afraid to bother you and that was the reason why I didn’t call. But you kept talking and finally said
– I am coming right now!
I remember how you held my face between your hands and asked:
-I wonder if you would forget me in an hour or if it would take you less time?

Let a woman dream in peace!