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I’ve been struggling to understand or rather deal with our human minds. While in Europe, billions were spent to re-enact the Big Bang, small countries have been devastated by hurricane Ike. A country like Cuba demonstrated once again that being prepared is better than leaving people to their fate like Haiti did. Mrs. Rice visiting Morocco told the press that the USA would not help Cuba by lifting sanctions so Cuba could obtain credit and buy food for its people, shame shame shame on you, Mrs. Rice!

Then in Morocco, zee most beautiful country in the world, a young blogger, Mohamed Erraji has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for the simple reason that he was not thinking inside the mold. 2 years, can you imagine that! We let ex followers of Moutii run for elections and give them coverage on tv and newspaper and follow them as if they were the Mehdi and we sentence young bloggers? Don’t these secret service people have nothing better to do?

We criticize elected people all the time, why should somebody be put in jail because of the sacrality of the King. After all, beyaa does not mean that we, the people, have to keep on repressing ourselves to say what we have to say. Beyaa, means that we accept a ruler, not a state of opinion repression. I call it state repression to a lesser degree. I mean, I am still trying to explain the absurdity of the sentence to my kids. What Moroccan authorities do not understand is that talking about what we do not like is no excuse to try people, to fine them, to put people in prison or just to raise that famous sword of Damocles.

To whom it may concern, many of us are fed up with this comedia del arte, one day is sunny, the other might bring the other unnatural hurricanes of injustice.

Soon, we will be talking about the King without naming him, like we did during the dark 70’s. Shame on us and shame on the authorities and yes shame on the whole system.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder about the fate of Morocco..

Let’s raise our voices against this state of repression, because surely Moroccans deserve more than a police state. To show your solidarity to the fate of Mohamed Erraji, please do not write September 15. Publicize this case of injustice by posting a link to the blog for Mohamed Erraji. Enough is enough..